Green Grass
Since 1992.
State Licensed Contractor #763414
Beautiful green lawns. Guaranteed.


Our time tested lawn program will transform your lawn. Guaranteed.
Our lawn program is designed to get and keep a thick, healthy, deep green lawn. Through properly timed treatments you can conserve water and maintain a beautiful lawn. We visit your lawn 8 times over the course of a year (approximately every 6 weeks) and perform the following services:

Apply Fertilizer
Apply a professional grade, slow release fertilizer designed for the time of the year that we are out. This maintains a thick, dark green lawn and over time will develop a deeper root system that requires less water.

Inspect Lawn
We walk the lawn inspecting and treating for weeds using water based products that are not affected by light to moderate rain or irrigation. By spot spraying the weeds, we use the least amount of chemical to achieve the results that you want.

Treat for Weeds
We treat for weeds that grow in the cracks and crevices of your hardscaped areas, such as driveways,walkways, etc.

Clean up

We power blow the walkways so you don't have to worry about any fertilizer clean up.